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List Your Spare Rooms

Exceptional Real Estate, is a student accommodation website dedicated to helping Gold Coast homeowners and investors to achieve rewarding student rentals, homestay rentals and sharehouse rentals. Like realestate.com.au you can list your house to attract international students as singles or couples to rent your spare rooms. You can choose to rent your rooms for homestay and live with students (with or without meals and utilities included) or live away from your students and rent your property as a sharehouse with room only accommodation and utilities included. At Exceptional Real Estate we can also help you manage and fill your rooms with students if you are an investor.



  • As we are a marketing company, we will only take a fee once we find you a suitable student and they have booked a room with you for 4 or more weeks. We encourage you to build a relationship with your students and offer them an enjoyable homestay or sharehouse experience so that they request to stay longer term after our initial placement for you.
  • Our fee per room is equal to two weeks rent.


Find a Room to Rent

Exceptional Real Estate aims to make finding a room to rent easier for international students and local students on the Gold Coast. As a student you can find suitable rooms to rent in Gold Coast houses and apartments close to universities and English colleges on the Gold Coast. As a student you can contact homeowners and landlords directly on the Gold Coast to arrange quick, comfortable, safe and convenient student accommodation rooms and houses. Exceptional Real Estate provides a fully searchable database so that you as a student, can find descriptions of potential rooms conveniently.

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